Javaris Neely is an upcoming designer and owner of TIKI Clothing Co. Although he never saw himself becoming a fashion designer or working in a fashion field, he soon realised that fashion was something he loved to do – so after a ton of research, he finally launched his own clothing line. We caught up with Javaris to find out more about being in the fashion

We caught up with Javaris to find out more about being in the fashion industry:


What is the meaning behind the name of your clothing brand TIKI?

“TIKI is not only the name of my clothing line, but it’s also an acronym that helps explain what I am doing in order to run it. I am using my own thoughts and ideas to attract potential customers and that’s what TIKI stands for – ‘Total Intelligence Kollecting Individuals.'”


How long did it take you to fully launch the line?

“It took me about 3-4 months to finally launch the clothing line. Up until that point, I was just researching into the field looking at how other clothing companies launched their products.

It was Lil Wayne’s Trufit clothing brand that actually inspired me to start to begin with, and that was one of the companies I looked into very closely.”


In most of his design’s, Javaris uses vibrant and loud exotic retro colours specifically – as well as tropical designs such as palm tree prints and ‘beachy’ themes.



“I am from Florida and so the tropical atmosphere around me has definitely been one of the things that has inspired me creatively. It’s why you see a lot of vibrant colours and palm tree designs on my products – even on the TIKI logo.

I spend my time everyday studying other brands and looking at different ways to increase clothing sales. The TIKI line right now ranges with items of clothing and accessories including T-shirts, socks, coin pouches (purse/wallet), beanies, hats and jewellery. All of which are accessible on the online TIKI shopping site:


Javaris currently manages his TIKI clothing line on his own with a bit of help and input from family members. He isn’t the average CEO he says, and chooses to have full control and management of his brand because fashion is something that is very meaningful to him.

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years, and what do you want to be remembered by?

“In the next 5 years I want to be well known, and in a position where I am able to help loads of people – mainly the less fortunate. I understand that not everybody can afford name brand clothes, and that was the main reason I created TIKI.

I plan to take TIKI into stores worldwide like ‘Till Us‘, ‘Zumiez‘, and a few other international stores. I want to be remembered as a mogul, a very powerful and influential person.”


What is your advice to upcoming clothing designers with a brand idea like yours?

“Promote your brand. Nobody will never promote your brand like you, and therefore you need to do whatever it takes to get your brand out there.”




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