According to cyber parent, ‘many people expect that their friends will always be there, they expect friendships to last forever – yet even the best-maintained friendships do end, and friends part company every day. We all come to different points in life where things change – sometimes dramatically or through transitions.


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As we grow and go through these transitions, we find that some of the people we associated ourselves with are no longer there. Losing friends is a natural process that occurs in life. It is important to understand that some people are in our lives for a season and therefore we shouldn’t see losing friends as a negative thing, or put ourselves down because of it. People change and that’s just the way life goes. It’s often easy to feel sore about losing friends but it’s not always a loss, often enough it will benefit you.

We must realise the importance of being wise about the types of people we associate ourselves with. The bible says ‘iron sharpens iron’, which means that your qualities will affect that of those close to you. You will always have an input in your friend’s lives, whether you know it or not. They become more like you, as you become more like them. This is why you need friends you want to be like.

If you are around people who are negative it will influence you. People are made to adapt to their environments, but some do that much faster than others. The factor that stops people from doing this is self-restraint – yet the levels of self-restraint in teenagers is decreasing by the day. And this just emphasises how important it is for us to be around positive people who inspire us.

Real friends want to see you elevate because they generally care and want to see you succeed, as well as wanting to succeed themselves. They want to help and support you no matter what, through your ups and downs and will not just leave you.

Don’t compromise your dreams or desires for friends. Remember that real friends want you to grow and are open to what you are aiming for in life, even if their ambitions are different.

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