Nia Ekanem is a 22-year-old independent, organic and soulful singer from Birmingham. Released on May 8th, his new single “Changes” featuring Nego True is based on the cycle of life, and expresses the “changes” both artists have been through.

Watch and listen to “Changes” below:


At 13, Nia began learning to play the keyboard before expanding his musical knowledge, and learning to play other instruments including the guitar and drums. Despite evidently having the gift of singing, he also had an interest in rap in his teenage years which led to him forming an urban rap group called L4C. Whilst in the group, he decided to capitalise off of his voice and solely become a singer. Although the group had many memorable performances at renowned venues such as the Indig02 in London and Symphony Hall in Birmingham, they each went their separate ways in 2011 and Nia continued on his musical journey.

How did your song #Changes featuring Nego True come about?

“It was never my intention to write a song about #Changes. I was just on Twitter one day and I randomly tweeted how much I would love to work with Nego True. Out of nowhere he replied and he told me he was also a fan – the rest was history.”



We went on to ask Nia Ekanem how #Changes was composed and the writing process behind it – here’s what he had to say: 

“If I’m honest #changes was a song that was easy to write. After me and Nego True had a conversation about what we would base our song on, the lyrics just fell into place. It was finding the right melody that was the hardest. 

I think the work both Nego True and I produce is quite similar, and that’s why getting him on board was only right & the perfect decision for the song. I wanted to express myself about a #change I was going through, and that’s how the concept came about. Things happen, life happens and we just have to accept it. Sounds harsh but it’s true. We all go through #Changes so why try & fight it?” 


As of now, Nia Ekanem and his producer are working on new singles so expect more to come this year. Sometimes it pays to speak things into existence just like in Nia’s case – he said he wanted to work with Nego True one day and that’s exactly what happened!



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