I’d find a MENTOR. Have you heard the word ‘mentor’ used much at school? Maybe you have a few times, maybe you haven’t at all.

“A mentor is someone who allows you see to see the hope inside yourself”Oprah Winfrey



This is the most important thing you could learn in school because they give you the ability to learn 10x faster than any textbook can and they’re free!

‘A mentor is a person who supports your learning in order to maximise your potential’

5 Key Benefits:

1. They feed you with passion

If you’re around successful people in your field, you will start to feel excited and feel less fear about achieving your goals.

2. Expand your network

They will begin to introduce their friends or work colleagues who they feel you should connect with. This will open up more doors for you in the future.

3. Earn your credentials

This ties in with the above point, you are more likely to open doors into journalism if you refer to your mentor who is well-known in the field.

4. Save time

Fire away your questions, become like a sponge and soak up every drop of information. This will help you make fewer mistakes and ultimately save you time.

5. Unbreakable friendship

Your mentor will be with you through thick and thin and you will forge a long-lasting friendship.


How do you find mentors in school or college?

Mentors can come in a variety of forms, they don’t have to be in person, they could be, for example, a YouTube clip, podcast etc. These forms are helpful if you are more introverted.

But if you have the confidence to find an in-person mentor, you can find them anywhere. Your friends & family, teachers, college lecturers.You’d be surprised how many people are willing to accept to be your mentor, some may feel genuinely honoured.

Now it’s time for action, ask yourself who could teach me new skills and open up more doors for me?

If you do want to maximise your potential, then grab our FREE template on locating mentors.

In next week’s article, we’ll be discussing how you can find the BEST mentors and how to create an unbreakable friendship with them.





References – http://www.mentorset.org.uk/what-is-mentoring.html

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