Who knows a social media addict in their circle of friends/family? Are you that person? Ever since social media was created look how quick we’ve become more materialistic, brainwashed individuals obsessed with displaying these fake ass lives where we try to appear cool or perfect for false validation….Where we obsess over finding next week’s ‪#‎tbt‬ post, stalk old friends instead of picking up the phone, share a tragic WSHH video, etc….


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…It’s also through these MINDLESS addicting games like candy crush, our obsession with keeping up with technology, talking about the latest episode of a television series, snapping selfies with pathetic captions screaming for attention, and TMZ gossiping over Hollywood stars aka the puppets of Satanism, that we lose our ability to be CONSCIOUS, positive individuals who want nothing but the best for one another and the world. Keeping our heads in the fantasy clouds has got to come to a screeching halt.


Now, to fully wake my ass up it took me deleting my social media accounts off of my phone 7 weeks ago. At first, my only intention in doing this was so that I could focus on the business side of my career. I found that I was wasting HOURS a week on these apps/sites when I really needed to be using this time to rehearse more, educate myself through reading books/ listening to podcasts, and finally prepare to start volunteering with kids in order to raise self-esteem awareness (something I’ve always known was my true calling in life).


It wasn’t until I stopped focusing on my obsession with one day going viral(to achieve fame so that I could make the biggest impact possible) that my consciousness clicked into gear. I had no idea that this process would show me my ENTIRE purpose on earth. At first, I thought it was to just make good music and be a positive role model by encouraging kids to love themselves and become leaders instead of followers. Now I understand that my calling also includes shedding light on the evil that’s constantly in our faces and intoxicating our spirituality thanks to the beast aka the MEDIA.


It’s time to make the individuals who are conscious about all of this feel a RESPONSIBILITY to step up in order to raise awareness of everything that has been forced upon us in order to divide us all in the end. There are so many topics that we love to play off as conspiracy theories without taking the time to research for ourselves. This is because the masses yearn to be entertained when they’re off-the-clock instead of opening up their minds.


In my return to Facebook I no longer wish to promote my career, but instead the TRUTH about this New World Order that’s got us right where they want us in a cesspool of negativity which is allowing evil to be accepted in our culture as the norm. It aims to stunt the growth of bright young minded individuals from actually caring and questioning things to only caring about bull shit. I mean you gotta ask yourself, with all of these new slaves/indentured servants(aka entertainers) working to poison our minds in exchange for all things MATERIAL & SUPERFICIAL, did our ancestors actually fight/die in vain? How can we blindly fall into this trap orchestrated by such a small percentage of elitist without a fight? As I continue to gather information through research in order to fulfil my calling, I will be sharing some of the mind-blowing findings that I come across. Basically, everything the media doesn’t want us focusing on, the things that URGENTLY need our attention.

PS: It’s not about trying to stop these people who run the media, that’s impossible at this point. It’s about recognising the truth through self-education, becoming in touch with your full potential as a spiritual being(seeking your purpose in life), and leading others to do the same instead of following the masses.




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