Youth culture is the magazine created by youth. It looks at what young people do and why they do it, providing points of inspiration whilst detracting from negative stereotypes common in media. YoungXGifted’s founder Danielle Tsiba Membi had the amazing opportunity to feature in ‘The Youth Culture Magazine Project’ – Issue #1 JUNE 2014

The basis of the questions was mainly to do with why the platform was created, Danielle’s views on the issues in youth culture, and what she envision the YoungXGifted movement to become. The YoungXGifted feature  is found on page 2 of the magazine:




“Danielle Tsiba is only 18 but has her heart set on big things. In the last 2 years she has set up YoungXGifted, part project part business, with the goal of promoting a positive view of youth. She aims to build a website that will showcase youth talent, beliefs and general lifestyle. With 81 subscribers and over 1000 views across her YouTube channel, it looks like things can only get better … I spoke to Danielle to get her views on youth culture and her vision for YoungXGifted.”


What does youth culture mean to you and why is it important?

 “Youth culture to me means freedom and a way of expression for our generation. It is important because it brings us together and is a way of realising our similarities and connecting them, no matter what area we come from.”


Jamal Edwards and others like him have created businesses while young and have been very successful. However, the majority of today’s youths don’t consider it. Why did you decide to create YoungXGifted and how does the brand work?

“I had a vision about the brand 2 years ago from God, I know it sounds crazy but he revealed that there lacked a brand made for the youth, by a youth to encourage and promote positivity as a voice for young people. I didn’t feel like there was a platform that put us in a light that contrasts with the commonly negative view of us. I also didn’t think there was a lot of positive and affirmative sources in the media which young people could turn to with the hardships we face.”


What do you think are the key problems and issues affecting society’s view of youth and How do you think YoungXGifted can change that?

“I find that the media’s interpretation of what youth culture is and the exaggeration of the deviance that occurs amongst young people is one of the problems affecting our society’s view. I believe that there is a division between our generation and older generations, and that problems have resulted from this as there is a lack of communication between us. The older generation is arguably quite ignorant of modern society and in turn fail to understand the way we as young people, reason on certain things.

I believe that YoungXGifted will enable young people to express themselves more openly and bring forth a different meaning to what it is to be young or a part of youth culture. I also think the brand will allow older generations to relate to us on a higher level, hepling them to begin to understand and see things differently in terms of their definition of youth culture.”


Your currently doing a-levels in (subjects) Where do plan to take YoungXGifted next?

“I’m currently studying Psychology, Health and Social Care and Business at A-Level. I have applied for an ‘Advertising and Brand Management’ course at university which will help me develop my YoungXGifted brand. The ultimate goal for YoungXGifted is the creation of its website which will feature a range of things that can be used both academically and socially. Not only will the website help inspire but it will also aim to educate and help people build confidence within themselves in order to achieve their goals.”


You can view the entire magazine through this link below:



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